Who Are the Actors That Played Tarzan in Movies?


Tarzan is a character in a movie where a young boy is raised in the African jungle by great apes, called Mangani.The Role of Tarzan is played by Tony Goldwin. In the movie he falls in love with a young woman who he meets in the jungle after hey too were marooned in the same area where Tarzans parents were.
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In movies- one Elmo Lincoln, an Olympian athlete, as was Johnny Weismuller- which means- White Miller! H"mm.
Johnny Weissmuller was the first actor to play Tarzan in the
Kayden Kross. Laura Lee. Drake Rivers.
1. Go to the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com) and type the movie's name into the search box at the top of the website. 2. Select the movie from among the results. 3. Scroll down
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