Who Buys Junk Tires?


Scrap tires have very little value and most often you have to pay people to take them. The wholesalers that buy them pay a going price of $40 for 30,000 tires. Obviously, that means they are not paying people for the tires, but rather is charging people for taking them. One company that does buy on wholesale level is: Tradexservices Inc.; 1-519-5122020 You can find more information here: http://www.recycle.net/Rubber/scrap/xv130100.html
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Junk tires are generally no good to someone however some places buy tires. Junkyards and tire shops will purchase old tires and recycle the rubber.
Junk Car Removal South Florida. There are many junk car removers who will pay cash for your old car, provided you have the title.
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Vickers & Sons Auto Salvage 321 Horseshoe Loop Dothan, Alabama, 36301
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Nobody pays cash for tires that can no longer be used on cars. There are a few uses for old tires such as burning them to make energy or grinding them up and adding it to ash fault, but there are so many junk tires in the world that you have to pay to get people to dispose of them or take them off your hands.
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Car owners who purchase used tires may do so because they are often considerably less expensive than new ones. Additionally, if a tire is damaged, it may be expedient ...
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