Who Buys Used VHS Tapes?


Some people in eBay will buy used VHS tapes. It's best to go with a low starting price to attract buyers. Prices paid will vary depending on if they are blank or a popular movie.
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1. Search places such as eBay and Best Video for deeply reduced VHS prices. Best Video sells them privately at a set price, usually for just a few dollars each. Simply select which
1 Buy or borrow a VHS tape. If you want to buy a VHS tape, there are some stores like movie rental shops that sell VHS tapes along with DVD's. If you want to borrow (rent) one, then
The VHS is a recording and playing standard developed by JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Limited) and launched in September 1976.
Hi Alan: The answer as to who might be interested in your VHS tapes depends on whether they are factory-produced pre-recorded movies, or just a bunch of store-bought 6hr blanks that
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