Who Can Buy Property in Hawaii?


Anyone can buy property in Hawaii since you do not have to be a local to own property in the area. However, Hawaii real estate rules are not the same as other states in the United States. There are two forms of property ownership; Fee Simple and Leasehold.
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1. Estimate the value of the property. You may wish to have a qualified appraiser do this for you. 2. Multiply the value of the property by 0.00342, the property tax rate in Honolulu
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Anyone can buy property in Hawaii. What one has to think about is what type of property, and what kind. There are different types, ranging from homes to co-ops. You also have to decide between a 'fee simple' and 'leasehold' property. You can find more information at www.homesbythesea.com
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A property is said to be under offer when a homebuyer has made a formal offer to purchase the property but the homeowner has not confirmed whether to accept. If ...
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