Who Can I Apply for a PCO Licence?


To apply for a PCO licence, obtain the following: a PCO licence application form (PHV/203), a criminal Records Bureau Disclosure form, a signed and stamped medical fee, photocopy of your drivers license, a passport and a photocopy of your topographical skills assessment certificate. With these in hand, fill out the forms and send them to the PCO offices by mail and wait for a reply in two weeks.
2 Additional Answers
When applying for a pco license you will be required to pay a £157.00 fee, produce a full DVLA, Northern Ireland or EEA state Driving License which must have been held for a minimum of 3 years, a Birth Certificate otherwise a Passport and in the case of a married woman a Marriage Certificate. The application also requires you to provide a Medical Report and Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Form to prove you are of good character.
Public carriage office (PCO) is a licence indicating that a person has undergone a criminal records check and has basic knowledge about London.In adition to this, a chauffer has to undergo medical tests to confirm his fitness and ability to perform duties well.To be able to use the PCO licence,a chauffer company must have an operator's license so as to employ drivers with these licences.
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