Who Carries the Twin Gene?


Generally, women carry the fraternal twin genes and can be passed on from mother to offspring. Fraternal twin happens when two different eggs are released by the ovary at the same time. However, having an identical twin is not related to gene; it happens on random chances.
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Answer Identical twins are not genetically determined. With fraternal twins there is a very slight genetic component where a man passes the gene for releasing 2 ova to his daughter.
Women can carry the "twin gene, and can pass it on to their
My husband's maternal grandmother was a twin, and her mother was a twin as well who had a brother and sister who were also twins. My husband and I have 1 child who was a twin, but
What twin gene? I am a twin and a biologist. About every 60-70 ovulations (5-6 years) a woman will release two eggs instead of one. If she happens to be fertilized during this time,
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Fraternal twinning appears to be passed on by the female members of a family. If the mother is a fraternal twin, has fraternal twin siblings, or fraternal twin relatives on her side of the family, she is more likely to give birth to fraternal twins.
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