Who Created Andy Capp?


Andy Capp has been around since 1957 and in that time he's become an outspoken icon for the British working class. Andy Capp is a British comic strip which was created by cartoonist Reg Smythe.
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Florrie "Flo" Capp.
Andy Capp is a comic strip that has a young man named Andy Capp in it.
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Andy Capp was created by a cartoonist known as Reg Smythe. It was originally a single-panel cartoon, which later was expanded to four panels by Smythe. The character ...
Andy Capp is a cartoon character that was first established in August 1957. He lives with his wife Flo Capp at 37 Durham Street, Hartlepool. Andy is a layabout ...
Florrie 'Flo' Capp is the wife of Andy Capp in the cartoon strip Andy Capps. The artists for the cartoon strip include Reg Smythe, Stanley Franklin and Dyson will ...
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