Who created Looney Tunes?


The Looney Tunes were created in the early 1930's by Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising of the Warner Bros production studios. The first ever Looney Tunes to be released was a musical adventure named Sinking' in the Bathtub, which lasted for eight minutes. This cartoon is considered a great milestone in the history of animation movies.
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Warner Brothers Animation.
Looney Tunes was invented by the Warner Brothers Company. Chuck Jones, was the inventor of
Well, he did Groucho Marx, Edgar G. Robinson, various other 1940s movie actors and sometimes actresses. He also imitated a king in a 1950s short.
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Hugh Harman, Rudolf Ising and Leon Schlesinger are the creators of 'Loony Tunes'. The first cartoon was released in the April of 1930 and was under the distribution of Warner Bros. Leon Schlesinger approached Warner Bros to take up the distribution after the success of Harman and Rudolf in their pilot film Bosko the Talk – Ink Kid.
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