Who Discovered Albinism?


It does not seem that anyone in particular discovered Albinism. It was first noticed in animals in 1904. The first scientific paper that discusses albinism was written by Sir Archibald Garrod back in 1908.
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Sir Archibald Garrod, discovered albinism in 1909. It is a genetic disorder when people have little to no melanin in their skin, eyes, or hair. You can find more information at www.everydayguide.com
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Albinism has long existed, but it was first recognized by Sir Archibald Garrod in 1906. In 1909, he published a book with sought to scientifically describe the condition.
In_1908_Archibald_Garrod_discovered_the_disease_albinism. " In 1908 Archibald Garrod discovered the disease albinism.
Albinism is a rare genetic disease that occurs when there is little or no melanin in the skin, hair, left, and the eyes of a person. Albinism is a term that is derived from the word
We consulted the experts and this was the answer we received."I believe that albinism has been in "literature" since the beginning of medical literature. There have
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Albinism was first noticed in 1904 by Sir Archibald Garrod. Soon after other doctors like Plinius Secundus and Aulus Gellius discovered more valuable information ...
Albinism was first discovered by a man named Garrod in 1908. There are early scriptures written by Roman scholars noting the condition, but never identifying it. ...
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