Who Discovered Astatine?


Astatine was discovered by a Russian chemist known as Dmitri Mendelev in 1869; however, this element was later produced in 1940 by Dale R. Coson. Astatine is highly radioactive and is only available in minute quantities.
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Astatine occurs in nature as a decay product of U-235, U-238, and Th-232. These are the only radioactive elements with half-lives long enough for them to have survived since their
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Astatine is something that was discovered in 1940.
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The discovery of astatine is credited to Dale R. Corson, Kenneth R. Mackenzie, and Emilio Segre.
The extremely rare chemical element, astatine, was first discovered by Dale Corson, Kenneth Mackenzie, and Emilio Segre at the University of California. By exposing bismuth with a large amount of alpha particles. However, trace elements of astatine can be found naturally found in uranium and thorium isotopes. You can find more information here: http://www.chemicool.com/elements/astatine.html
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