Who Discovered Biomass?


There is no definite discoverer for Biomass, though archaeologists argue that it originated in Africa when bushmen used cow dung to make fire. It is a renewable energy material from the waste of living, or dead organisms.
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Biomass which is a renewable energy source that comes from living organisms such as waste, gas, alcohol fuels, and wood. Biomass was discovered by environmentalist.
The term biomass that is used to describe the natural resources that we use for energy was invented by the Office of Technology Assessment. You can find more information here: http://www.woodgas.com/biomass.htm
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The name "Biomass" was invented (not discovered) in 1975 to describe natural materials used as energy sources. The OTA estimated that in 1980 biomass could power more than
biomass has been used since fire was discovered
Biomass, a renewable energy source, is biological material from living, or recently
You could say the earliest humans discovered biomass energy. Burning wood for eat, and cooking, is releasing energy from biomass. If your talking about electricity, the idea is not
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Biomass energy is a kind of fuel that comes from biological carbon fixation. This includes those from liquid fuels, bio-gas and solid biomass. No one person discovered ...
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