Who Discovered Cells and How?


Robert Hooke is the scientist that is usually attributed with the discovery of the cell. He was the first to use the word cell after the first cells he observed looked similar to monk's cells. He observed cork cells and published his findings in a book known as Micrographia in 1665.
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Plant cells were first discovered in the 17th century by scientist Robert Hooke, a genius whose contributions to science were wide-ranging and diverse. In 1665, he published a book
Robert Hooke took a piece of cork, put it under a primitive microscope and saw the squares within it that he said reminded him of the cells in monasteries where monks lived.
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Cells are the basic structural and functional?unit?of all living things and contain inheritable genetic material. They were discovered by Robert Hooke in the year 1655. Development of this cell?theory?during the mid 17th century was made possible by advances in?microscopy and this theory is one of the foundations of?biology.?
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