Who Discovered Glass?


It is thought that stone age man invented glass. We do know that glass has been around since about 5,000 BC. Ancient Syrians were known to have, though accidentally, made glass by the fires they lit on the sandy desert floor. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass
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Glass is a compound created by heating sand. Glass has been made for thousands of years. Some of the finest examples of ancient glass were made by the Romans. The Glass Pavilion at
Marco Polo.
The cytoskeleton was discovered by Purves. The cytoskeleton is a major part of a cell and helps hold the shape and form of the cell together.
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Since natural glass has existed since basically the beginning of time due to volcano's, lighting strikes, etc., it is hard to say who exactly discovered it. Ancient Roman historian Pliny who lived in AD 23-79 believed that Phoenician merchants discovered it n Syria around 5000 B.C.
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