How was oxygen discovered?


Oxygen was discovered independently by Carl Wilhelm Scheel and Joseph Priestly in 1772 and 1774 respectively
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It was discovered by a Swedish pharmacist named Carl Wilhelm Scheele. He wrote about it in his book Treatise on Air and Fire in 1755, but the document was not published until 1777.
Oxygen is usually credited to Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele (1742-86) and
Physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, of Paris, France, discovered solar power in 1839. Energy Matters reports that Becquerel demonstrated the use of solar energy by shining sunlight
Dr. Eugen Bleuler used the word "autism" in 1911 to describe adults who were suffering from the disorder we now call schizophrenia. In 1943, Dr. Leo Kanner, of John Hopkins
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The discovery of oxygen is credited to Joseph Priestly.
Josephy Priestly discovered oxygen in 1774. He is an English Chemist and works independently. In 1775, another Chemist who is French also discovered oxygen. His name is Antoine Lavoisier. You can find more information here:
The man that is most often given credit for being the first to identify oxygen as an element was name Joseph Priestley. Oxygen makes up almost 21 percent of the Earth's atmosphere.
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