Who Discovered Quartz?


Quartz has been known for thousands of years. You can find the mineral mentioned in everything from aboriginal myths of Australia to works of ancient Rome. Most scientists believe that Nicholas Steno, who studied quartz in the 1600s, made the most important discoveries about it.
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There is really no way to know who actually discovered quartz for the first time. Quartz has always been around and was written about as far back as the time of the Romans. However,
Quartz has been mentioned in writings of Pliny the Elder of the Roman era. So the study of quartz dates back to such an early period making it difficult to guess who discovered it
There is no one person credited with the discovery of milky quartz. A few
In what way discovered? Quartz has always been around and from very early in man's history it was recognised as having some useful properties. However, Nicholas Steno was the first
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No one has ever really been credited with the discovery of quartz. It has been talked about since the time of the Romans. In 1880 it was discovered that quartz can produce electricity.
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