Who Discovered Radio Waves?


Radio waves were discovered by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz who was a German physicist. He was the first person to receive and broadcast radio waves. This great discovery happened in 1887.
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Heinrich Hertz.
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz discovered radio waves in
The concept of magnetic energy wave activity evolved from the Greek words Magnesia (a type of rock) and resonance (to sound again). For those with more curiosity than understanding
Marconi. He was Italian.
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Radio waves were first predicted before they were actually discovered. James Clerk Maxwell predicted radio waves with mathematical equations in 1867. Heinrich Hertz generated radio waves in 1887.
Radio waves were discovered by a Scottish Physicist named James Clerk Maxwell. In 1887, a German Physicist named Heinrich Hertz confirmed through his experiments frequencies and electromagnetic waves. Hertz generally gets credit for the discovery over Maxwell. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_waves
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