Who Discovered Sulfur?


Sulfur (Sanskrit, sulvari; Latin sulfur or sulpur) was known in ancient times, and is referred to in the Biblical Pentateuch (Genesis).
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Hennig Brand discovered Sulfur in 1669.
Sulfur, the chemical element with the symbol S, is a yellow crystalline solid. Sulfur is an
unfortunately, no one really knows who discovered sulfur. It has been around for so long, it was even before the first recordings of history. sorry : But you could guess? Cave men
Physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, of Paris, France, discovered solar power in 1839. Energy Matters reports that Becquerel demonstrated the use of solar energy by shining sunlight
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No one single person discovered sulfur, it has been around and known about since the earliest of times. However, it was a man named Antoine Lavoisier that persuaded the scientists of his time that sulfur was indeed an element. This occurred around 1777.
It is unknown who first discovered sulfur. Sulfur has been known since ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible and other ancient documents. Antoine Lavoisier helped get sulfur recognized as an element in 1777.
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