Who Discovered the Rainbow?


Sunshine on water droplets causes’ rainbow, light is broken with these thousand of water droplets. This study was discovered by Isaac Newton. Light and water droplets cause the rainbow.
Q&A Related to "Who Discovered the Rainbow"
Rainbows are a natural phenomenon, and have been around longer than people have been. That person would have been the first caveman to look at the sky after a rainfall, with the sun
The Bible in Genesis says that Noah was the first person to see the Rainbow after the
It was discovered when it was found. In the process of being found, as wondrous as it was, it was different, it was wonderful and it was there!
Sir Humpry Davy was the first person to isolate metallic potassium in 1807. He isolated it by using an electrolysis procedure on molten caustic potash. You can find more information
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