Who do Sikhs worship?


Sikhs worship Ik Onkar, the idea of the creator deity who is also immanent in creation. In Sikhism, the divine presence does not have gender or physical characteristics.

According to Britannica, the name "Ik Onkar" is a combination of two words. The first, "Ik," is the Gurmukhi numeral for "one." The second, "Onkar," means "creator of everything." Sikhism teaches that instead of incarnating in one specific person, God is present inside every part of creation. Because of this belief, Sikhism rejects caste systems. In order to achieve salvation from the mundane cycle of reincarnation, Sikhs believe that people must strive for unity with the eternal divine principle of Akal, which is the supreme reality.

Q&A Related to "Who do Sikhs worship?"
They worship God.
Sikhs worship at anytime and anywhere by reading verses from the Guru Granth Sahib. They also gather at the Gurdwara, their place of worship. Anyone is welcome to worship here.
There can only be one God, so they all worship the same thing, just from a different perspective.
When Sikhs speak of the Guru they are referring to God, the Great Teacher.
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