Who Do the Sikhs Worship?


Sikhs worship God and only God. Unlike members of many other religions, they worship God in his true abstract form and don't use images or statues to help them. Sikh worship can be public or private with certain guidelines on how best to conduct each of them.
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we pray with a gutka( i don't know how to spell it) It has all our prayers.
When Sikhs speak of the Guru they are referring to God, the Great Teacher.
Featured: Gurdwara San Jose. Following the terrible tragedy of the. Wisconsin gurdwara shooting. questions have been posed about the Sikhism worship service as curious fellow Americans
The understanding I am starting to get about the conception of God in Sikhism is that God is the underlying creative force of the universe. In terms of 'reciting the name of God'
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Sikhs worship God in His true abstract form without the inclusion of His images or statue. During their private worship, they get up early (three hours before dawn), bathe then meditate on God by repeating the name Waheguru. Sikhs also do worship in congregations in a place known as Gurdwara.
Sikhs regard their God to be the same as the Muslim, Christian and Jewish. Although they differ in worship, they describe the same God. The Sikh worship in a place called ‘Gurdwara.’
Sikhs worship God and only God. Contrary to members of many other religions they worship God in his true conceptual form, and don't use images or statues to help them. Though the Sikh God is away from description, Sikhs feel able to pray to God as a person and a friend who cares for them.
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A Sikh place of worship is referred to as Gurdwara which means Guru's door. They have a triangular flag flying outside with the Sikh emblem and they are open to ...
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