What should the father of the bride say in a wedding toast?


The father of the bride needs to start off his wedding toast speech by stating who he is. Next, the speech needs to include a tribute to his daughter and new son-in-law. Finally, the toast needs to end with an actual toast with glasses raised.

The introduction to a toast given by the bride's father needs to include not only his name, but also a "thank you" to the guests for attending. It is nice to tell how beautiful the wedding ceremony was and how he knows everyone's presence only add to the day. The tribute includes an upbeat, funny or even heartwarming story about him and his daughter. The father needs to express his sentiments about his daughter in a positive manner, telling her how beautiful she is, how much she means to him and how proud he is of her. Another element of the tribute is geared toward the groom and includes things like how to best take care of his daughter, why the bride's father is glad his daughter chose him and how it is nice to have the groom's parents present as well. Finally, the toast needs to be uplifting and positive. No matter what is said in the actual speech, it is important for the bride's father to be prepared and keep things positive.

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1. Write a few words to get everyone's attention and to introduce yourself. While you are the father of the bride, there are going to be people who don't know who you are, particularly
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Dear Des, Generally at the wedding reception, the father of the bride will give a welcome (if the parents are hosting) and if he wants can incorporate a toast to the bride and groom
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