Who Does This Mobile Phone Number Belong to?


When you want to know who a mobile number belongs to the first step is to find a 'reverse lookup' service by using an internet search engine. Key in the digits of the phone number in the search field and a screen will appear alerting you as to whether or not the reverse lookup service was able to come up with any results.
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1. One of the best free phone number identifiers on the Internet is at WhitePages.com. This Web site offers a "reverse lookup" resource where users can type in a 10-digit
The number is registered to: Gitty and Yehuda Goldberg, 14422 69th
That is a UK 'non-geographic' number - in that it doesn't belong to a specific town.
The name of the owner of the number 917-522-1822 is unlisted. But 917-522-1822 is a landline number from New York, NY. report this answer. Answered by kgb agent Laureen M on Monday,
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Source: whitepages.com
You can find out who owns unknown cell phone numbers on your bill or caller ID by using a reverse phone lookup service.
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