Who Found England?


The area now called England has been used by humans since at least 35,000 years. We do not know who was first. England the country was founded in AD 927. There is no single person who was founder or known discoverer. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England
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The Anglo Saxons formed England after invading in the 5th century before that the country was populated by tribes of britons.
The state of Virginia was found by English settlers in 1607, in the area that is now known as Virginia Beach. The settl
The Celtic tribes known as Britons occupied the island. After the Germanic
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Several different cultures first settled the area we call England about 35,000 years, long before we learned to write, so there are no names recorded. There have been human bones found there that date back to 700,000 years ago.
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