Who Gets to Decide How Many Federal Courts We Have?


The US Congress gets to decide how many federal courts the country has. The Congress has the power to create federal courts aside from the Supreme Court. They also determine how many judges it will have and how it will operate as well as their operational budget.
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The federal court system are created by Congress under
Article III of the Constitution vested. Congress. with the power of creating federal courts below the Supreme Court, at their discretion. This authority includes determining the number
1. First you need to decide if the monetary amount in damages is greater than 75,000. If it is above 75,000 then you should file your case in a federal court. Below 75,000 you will
* On September 25, 2003, the U.S. District Court in Denver ruled that the National Do Not Call Registry provisions of the TSR violate the First Amendment, and prohibited the FTC from
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