Who has sold the most albums ever?


Although actual sales figures vary, as of 2014, the Beatles are recognized as the top-selling recording artists of all time, with a total number of certified album sales over 257 million. While this number comes from verified sales figures, Apple Corps Ltd., which administers the band's music worldwide, claims a much larger figure of over 600 million units sold.

Regardless of the actual figure, the Beatles have sold more records, tapes and compact discs than any other artist since they first debuted in the 1960s. The next closest artist is Elvis Presley, with certified sales of over 206 million albums. Michael Jackson ranks a distant third, with over 169 million albums sold worldwide.

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Michael Jackson's "Thriller" :D, It also won 8 grammys in one night! I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!
Based on Wikipedia, it looks like Beatles, 246 million albums sold Elvis, 197 million Michael Jackson, 153 million
Michael Jackson In November 2006, the World Music Awards
i'm gonna guess and say Eminem.
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