Who Has the Best Exchange Rate for Euros?


The Post Office Travel Money has the best Euro Exchange Rate. The company has been awarded the Best Foreign Exchange Provider for 3 consecutive years by the British Travel Awards. There is no commission charged on the exchange and the provider has a competitive rate for 70 other currencies.
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Don't know today's rates but if anyone tells you "commission free" be wary. The conversion rate will be loaded to make up for it. EDIT todays rate is 1.2572 Source(s): http
the japan yen prob. but the pound is better well at least in europe maybe look at the SWISS franc (CHF).
Use credit and ATM cards. Preferably those with no foreign exchange fees.
You can find information on the best euro exchange rate at the Money CO UK website. Once on the page, click on "Travel Money" and then click "Euro" to view the
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Exchange rates depend on weather you want to buy from a foreign website, or travelling abroad. Specialist travel spending cards gives one the best possible exchange rates.
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