Who has the most championships in sports history?


Of the four major team sports, Major League Baseball's New York Yankees has the most professional championships in history. As of 2014, the long-time American League power has won 27 World Series titles.

The Yankees' resume includes five consecutive championships from 1949-1953, four consecutive titles from 1936-1939 and three straight titles from 1998-2000, with the most recent triumph coming in 2009. Second on the list is the NHL's Montreal Canadiens with 24 Stanley Cup crowns, including five in a row from 1956-1960 and 10 of 15 from 1965-1979. The Boston Celtics occupy the third spot with 17 NBA championships in its storied history, including eight consecutive titles from 1959-1966.

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1st Glascow Rangers F.C. - 53 championships. 2nd Real Madrid - 31 championships. 3rd New York Yankees-27 championships.
Rangers Football(soccer) Club have won 53 League Championships,
In North America it's the Yankees with 27 World Series Titles. In Europe it's Glasgow Rangers who have won 54 League Championships. I doubt if any other club in the world has won
Richard Petty and the late Dale Earnhardt, Sr. are tied for the most-with 7 NASCAR Cup championships!!
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