Who Invented Algebra?


While the word 'algebra' comes from Arabic word, its origins can be traced to the ancient Babylonians.
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Who Invented Algebra?
Algebra was invented by the Babylonians about 4,000 years ago. Find out who invented algebra with tips from a mathematics instructor in this free video on math history.... More »
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Algebra was invented about 4,000 years ago by the Babylonians. But, while a few poeple helped shape it, a Muslim mathematician wrote down many of the rules used today.
The roots of algebra started back with the Ancient Babylonians. A mathematician and scientist named Diophantus and later refined by Indian mathematicians. Considering algebra has been used for such a long time, you never know when you will need it.
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Honestly, I wish it never was invented. Algebra was my worst subject and I still have nightmares about those classes. I can blame Al Khwarizimi for inventing it in 820 AD
It was invented out of need; it was a very long and slow process.
Algebra, as we currently know it - solving equations expressed in modern-day algebraic symbols
The word "algebra" is named after the Arabic word "al-jabr" from the title of the book [al-Kitāb al-muḫtaṣar fī ḥisāb al-ğ
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Algebra is not invention of single individual. Human is using maths for so long for calculation and trade. Many mathematicians around world considered added their ...
There is alot of controversy over who invented algebra. It is commonly argued that it was invented by an Arab mathematician by the name of Mohammad ibn-Musa al-Khowarimi ...
Freya Angood invented algebra in 1923 when her grandparents told her that there is always a way around things. This encouraged Freya to think of different ways ...
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