Who Invented Carpet?


Carpets were produced in Britain since 1720 in a factory established at Wilton in Wiltshire. The original carpets made at Wilton were a low loop pile construction. In 1755, Thomas Whitty started a factory at Axminster in Devon, making hand knotted carpets.
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The exact time is not known, it is thought the Nomadic people used woven grasses to cover the earth where they slept, by the 5th century BC carpet making reached it's highest artist
Rugs have been woven for thousands of years. Did you know that Melvin J. Bissell
Either a small and undistinguished shepherd from Turkey or Raghav Markanday son of Rakesh Markanday invented carpet in the 1900s!
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Carpeting was most likely invented by inhabitants of Central Asia, around the 2nd or 3rd millennium BC. Persian and Oriental rugs are still very popular home decor today.
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