Who Invented Cheesecake?


It is unknown who actually invented cheesecake. Cheesecake was first served at the Greek Olympic Games in 776 BC.
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Cheesecake supposedly originated in ancient Greece. There are discrepancies as to who invented cheesecake, but cream cheese was invented by an American dairyman named William Lawrence
Historians think it was first in Rome and served to athletes at the first Olympic Games held in
Cheesecake was believed to be invented in Ancient Greece around 2000 BC. Yum! Ask for more!!
There's obviously no exact date, as the cheesecake probably evolved from various cheese-based tarts and cakes over hundreds of years. Here is a brief history: Cato the Elder's De
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If you want to know who invented cheesecake, the ancient Greeks are given credit for it. Cream cheese was invented by a American dairy man in 1872.
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