Who invented copper wire?


The copper wire was invented by Thomas Doolittle in 1876. The copper wire he created was strong enough to replace the iron wire that was used in the telegraphy industry. You can find more information at www.ampersandcom.com
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Electrical wire mill industry started 1877, Thomas Doolittle developed hard-drawn copper
They dropped it down a gopher hole and created the Grand Canyon trying to get it back.
No one. Copper is a natural element and man discovered that it could be used to make things.
It used to be...Why is the 50p the shape it is? So you can get it out of a jews hand with a
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Ancient people invented copper wire to use in their jewelry making. Michael Faraday then started making and using copper wire for experiments. This was during the Scientific Revolution.
Thomas B. Doolittle invented hard copper wire in 1877 in Connecticut. Although some say it was two Scotsmen fighting over a copper penny. Lousy joke!
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