Who Invented Homework?


There are many different beliefs about who invented homework. However, most scientists will agree that homework was invented by a teacher in Italy back in 1095. The name of the teacher was Robert Nevilis.
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There is no clear date or inventor. Teachers who want their students to learn the subject and end up being at least moderately intelligent adults. Homework is meant to let you practice
Nobody actually invented homework it began when schools did to help the
There is no one person who invented homework. It has been in schools and universities for centuries!
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There cannot be one clear answer to this question. Teachers who want their students to excel assign more work than can be done in the classroom because they want their students to go home and work on the concepts until they are clear and concise in the students' brains!!
There is no clear answer as to who or when homework was invented. It should be noted that in1901, the state of California passed legislation to ban homework for children in grades K-8. Homework has been around since the beginning of schooling.
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