Who Invented Magnets?


No individual is credited with the invention of magnets since the first magnets were found from a naturally occurring mineral. The ancient Greeks were the ones who discovered of magnetite which is the naturally occurring mineral of magnate.
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The magnetic compass was made in China the second century AD. The Norse seamen of around 900 AD had magnetite rock that they used as a magnetic compass.
William Sturgeon invented the electromagnet. Electromagnetism is the phenomena
Vlademar Poulsen invented the telegraphone in 1898. This was the first device to utilize magnetic recording techniques. Poulsen use a magnetized wire spool to record and play back
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Magnets exist in nature so there was no actual inventor. Ancient Greeks were the first recorded discoverers of magnetite, a natural magnet. John Mitchell published the first book manufacturing steel magnets. You can find more information here: http://www.rare-earth-magnets.com/t-history-of-magnets.aspx
No one really invented magnets, it was more so discovered. Magnets are from a mineral called magnetite found in nature. It is thought that the Greeks discovered magnets.
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