Who Invented Magnets?


No individual is credited with the invention of magnets since the first magnets were found from a naturally occurring mineral. The ancient Greeks were the ones who discovered of magnetite which is the naturally occurring mineral of magnate.
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Magnetism is discovered far before to human. However Micheal Faraday discovered its practical uses by Faraday's Laws of Electromagnetic Induction.
It was not invented actually. Manes was the person who was a herder in ancient greece.in his stick there was an iron screw .when one day he was going with the herd in the field his
William Sturgeon invented the electromagnet. Electromagnetism is the phenomena
Vlademar Poulsen invented the telegraphone in 1898. This was the first device to utilize magnetic recording techniques. Poulsen use a magnetized wire spool to record and play back
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Magnets exist in nature so there was no actual inventor. Ancient Greeks were the first recorded discoverers of magnetite, a natural magnet. John Mitchell published the first book manufacturing steel magnets. You can find more information here: http://www.rare-earth-magnets.com/t-history-of-magnets.aspx
No one really invented magnets, it was more so discovered. Magnets are from a mineral called magnetite found in nature. It is thought that the Greeks discovered magnets.
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