Who Invented Matrices?


Seki Kowa was one of the first identifiable individuals to use matrices in the late 1600's. However, who invented matrices is actually unknown. There are origins dating as far back as Chinese text from 300BC.
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The matrix was not "invented" per se. Rather, several mathematicians contributed to its theory and practice. James Joseph Sylvester, a British mathematician, is one contributor
The history of matrices goes back to ancient times, but the term "matrix" was not
i have also just checked online and there are so many people that discovered it,so it is unclear as to the original source. ure teacher sounds bossy.
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Who Invented the Matrices?
Matrices are commonly used in algebra to solve long equations. The variables, such as x and y, are taken away, and the resulting numbers are organized into rows and columns to form a square or rectangular grid of numbers. These numbers are then... More »
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There wasn't really one person who invented matrices, but many mathematicians who contributed to their discovery.These included: James Sylvester, Arthur Cayley and William Hamilton.
Matrices are a rectangular array of numbers that can be added or multiplied. They are widely used in linear algebra. There is proof that matrices were used as far back as 300 BC to 200 AD when they were mentioned in The Nine Chapters on Mathematical Art by Jiu Zhang Suan Shu. The Japanese mathematician Seki published this information in 1683, beating the German Leibniz in 1693.
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