Who invented meth?


The combination of amphetamine and ephedrine were first synthesized in 1893. The inventor was Nagai Nagayoshi of Japan. He was a chemist and coined the term methamphetamine through adding the various chemicals that were compounded to make the drug. Akira Ogata, a pharmacist, first crystalized it in 1919. Popular use was widely spread throughout the military during World War II for sicknesses like depression, fatigue, or lack of productivity. Side effects were studied only after the drug was heavily used throughout the world, counteracting its effectiveness and making it illegal and dangerous to health.
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Meth was invented by Japanese chemist named Akira Ogata in 1919. It was invented for medical uses such as weight loss. It was used for such up to the year 1970 when it was finally outlawed as an illegal substance.
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The drug methamphetamine was invented by a Japanese scientist Nagayoshi Nagai way back in 1893. One of the first uses was by troops in World War II and it thought that even Adolf
so soldiers can fight longer harder and better. they dont need sleep or food at all.
The Japanese invented methamphetamine in 1919, and they gave it to their soldiers and factory
Crystal meth was invented in 1919 by a Japanese chemist named Akira Ogata. Other names for crystal meth are: Ice, Crank, Glass, Chalk & Speed.
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crystal meth was first invented in the mid 1900's by a Japanese chemist under the name of Akira Ogata. Japanese originally used this drug as a medication until ...
Akira Ogata is a Japanese chemist, he was the first to synthesize methamphetamine in a crystal form. It was first invented in 1893 by Nagayoshi Nagai. ...
Hitler did not invent methamphetamine (meth). He only received daily injections of methamphetamine from his personal physician. Meth was invented in 1893 in Japan ...
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