Who Invented Money?


The Phoenicians invented metal money around the 1500BC, which they first formed into iron half-rings that looked like a pair of bulls horns.
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Money is any object used as a medium for exchanging goods and services. It may or may not have any value itself. Modern money typically has very limited inherent value but is used
After Federation in 1901, the usual committees were formed to decide on everything. The new Australian currency was to be based on the British sterling currency. In 1910, Australia's
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The Romans invented paper money around 1000AD.
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Bartering, or using objects in trade for goods and services, has been around since prehistory, but the large scale use of money as a commodity began in Mesopotamia around 3000 BC.
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A money box contains money, and historians are able to date a money box based on the money that is inside. Also on the plus side, money boxes are great ways to ...
The Chinese began the use of paper money around 650 AD, when people decided to deposit their large sums of money (which were all in coin form) in vaults owned ...
It is not clear cut who invented the Roman coins. However, it is believed that the first money in use among the Romans was heavy lumps of brass, which were valued ...
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