Who Invented Salt?


Salt is a natural mineral. The Chinese would gather salt from a lake that dried up every year, about 6000 years BC. They later produced it by boiling brine water. It was a Frenchman that later developed some of the more modern ways of gathering and producing what is now known as table salt. You can find more information here: http://www.powells.com/biblio?show=TRADE%20PAPER:USED:9780142001615:10.95&page=excerpt
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Salt is naturally found on the Earth. Therefore it was not invented by man. Is there anything
The question is impossible to answer in it's current form. Do you mean: Salting of meat for preservation? Salting of roads to get rid of ice? Union Salting a tactic in which a union
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Because salt is a naturally occurring mineral there is no inventor for it. The ancient Egyptians are the first recorded to grind it down for use in art and cuisine.
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