Who Invented Sausage?


A sausage is ground meat which is wrapped in a skin. The original sausages were invented by Sumerians. These are the people who currently occupy Iraq today.
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The earliest record of sausage is from the Sumerian culture of Mesopotamia. Records can also be found in China back in 589 BC. There is no single person who is record as inventor.
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The Greeks. It’s often assumed that sausages were invented by Sumerians, in what is Iraq today, around 3000BC. Chinese sausage, which consisted of goat and lamb meat, was first
References to sausage go back to 1500 BC in Babylon and Homer's Odyssey in the 9th
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Assumed that sausages were invented by Sumerians in what is Iraq today, around 3000 BC. Chinese sausage (goat/lamb meat), was first mentioned in 589 BC.
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