Who Invented Science?


It is widely debated as to who invented science with some people arguing that Galileo Galilei formulated basic scientific laws while others claim that ancient philosophers had studied science before him. The fact that science evolved faster after his life has made many people refer to him as the centre of the scientific revolution.
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You cannot say that any one person invented science. Science is the human effort to understand and figure out the natural world around us. It tries to provide proof for man's theories about the natural world through the use of experimentation and the discovery of material evidence. You can find more information here: http://www.gly.uga.edu/railsback/1122science2.html#WHATISSCIENCE
The development of science is goes hand in hand with evaluation of humans. There was no single inventor. Long before we learned to right, observations about plants, animals and how every thing works was passed down orally generation to generation. That would be the earliest form of science.
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There are no records as to how the study of science came out. It was so long ago that people started experimenting long before they started recording history.
1. Brainstorm about activities that you do every day. Is there any way for you to make any of these jobs easier? Examine simple, non-electric machines-such as levers, pulleys, wheels
To see how the world was made.
In the 16th century, a German fireworks maker, Johann Schmidlap, invented the ,step
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