Who Invented Shampoo?


The history of shampoo can be traced back to the ancient tribes of India. The specific date when it was invented and the original inventor is not known. However, the word shampoo has been used since the year 1762 and means to massage.
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Mr. H Essences in 1955.
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The term "shampoo" actually comes from a Hindu word for head massage. Shampoo was
That would be Jacques Cousteau and his buddy Emile Gagnan, ti was the first one of it's type to have a 'demand' regulator. They put it on the market in 1943.
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Shampoo has been used for centuries and its origins stem from Hindis boiling soft soap with soda water. After World War II shampoo became increasingly popular and the term shampoo was coined in England in 1877.
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The use of shampoo dates back to 1877 when English Hairdressers boiled soap in Soda water and added herbs for health, fragrance and manageability to make shampoo ...
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