Who invented slime?


Slime was invented by Doctor Robert Frost. Iteresting question. It is made using most of the same ingredients and techniques used to make silly putty. Good luck and happy sliming.
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Mattel invented and released a toy called Slime in 1976. It was a green oozy substance that was sold in a container that looked like a trash can. Some contained eyeballs, worms and other items.
Slime was Mattel's mid-1970's competitive answer to Silly Putty. It was creepy, gooey and appealed to tween boys. Sold in a miniature garbage can, it was non-toxic and non-staining. Slime eventually had its own play sets and was also used in several short lived Mattel games. The modern day slime seen on TV is just a natural progression of what Mattel created many years ago.
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Jeffrey Darby.
The slime used on Nickelodeon was created for the show "You Can't Do That on
slime can mean so much ( nice question though)
1903 Anonymous
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Slime was a great invention! It was manufactured by Mattel and its packaging was a trash can filled with slime. It first came out in the winter of 1976. ...
Slime was one of my favorite things as a child, it came in a trash can container and was great and gooey. It was invented in the winter of 1976 by Mattel. ...
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