Who invented the binoculars?


J.P. Lemiere invented the first "binocular telescope" in 1825. A binocular is an instrument that provides a magnified view of far-away objects and consists of two similar telescopes, one for each eye, mounted in a single frame.

Ignatio Porro introduced the first modern "prism binoculars" when he filed a patent in Italy for a prism erecting system in 1854. What today is referred to as a "binocular" is actually a binocular telescope consisting of two small prismatic telescopes joined together.

There are many other references to very early binocular telescopes; however, the optical plans for most of these instruments weren't recorded.

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Sagi Marcovich and Ori Shahar from the university of Bar-Ilan.
The modern prism binocular began with Ignatio Porro's 1854 Italian patent for a prism
Galileo did not invent the binoculars, despite his early work with telescopes. He did, however, work with combining concave and convex lenses to magnify distant images. Jan Lippershey
The first binocular telescope was invented by J. P. Lemiere in 1825. The modern prism binocular began with Ignatio Porro's 1854 Italian patent for a prism erecting system. Binoculars
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There is very good evidence that Galileo invented binoculars. It was not such a far leap from looking through one lens of a telescope to putting two of them side ...
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