Who Invented the Bongos?


The bongo drumming originated in the eastern region of Cuba in the late 1800s when Atlantic slaves brought bongo drums to South America . The Changui and Son are Cuban music styles that can be traced back to both the African and Spanish cultures. It is not known who actually invented the drums.
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The exact inventor of the bongo drums is not known. However, it was invented in Cuba. The larger type of bongo drum is considered to be Spanish rather than Cuban.
The bongo drums were invented in the early 1800s. No one can pin point the exact origin for this form of drum. Across the African continent, different musical traditions play the bongo.
Research is being done to discover more about these drums. They are also curious to see if there is any relationship between the Cuban bongo drum and Africa. At present it is not known who invented them.
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i think that the bongo drum was invented (made) in Africa because at the moment i am doing african music in music and the bongo drum is one of the drums we are using
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The snare drum dates back as far as 1300's in Medieval Europe. Because it dates so far back, there is no way of knowing exactly who invented this drum.
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It is unknown who invented the bongo drums. They are a traditional Cuban percussion instrument. Apparently research is being done about these drums and they are ...
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