Who Invented the Cordless Drill?


Black and Decker created the first battery powered tools, including the drill, back in the 1961. NASA improved the technology and it was used by the Apollo astronauts. So today, you have NASA and Black and Decker to thank for no more annoying cords on power tools.
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Black and decker.
According to archeologist Sir Flinders Petrie, the Egyptians used copper tubular drills driven by a wood shaft and rotated by a bow-string that were powered by hand, water wheel or
The Cordless power drill was invented by James D. Smith in 1975.
The Makita is one of the best that makes cordless drills. The drills are lightweight, yet powerful.
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The people who invented the cordless drill is Black & Decker. They introduced us to the first one in 1961. But it was not until around the early 1980s that they became popular and much more powerful.
NASA actually invented the first cordless drill for astronauts to use on missions. The first commercial cordless drills were invented by Robert Ridley, Jr. and was produced by Black and Decker starting in 1961.
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