Who Invented the Corn Dog?


In 1942, Niel Fletcher invented the corn dog for the Texas state fair. There are various types of corn dogs now. There are turkey corn dogs, chick dogs, and even vegetarian corn dogs! Yummy! You can find more information here: http://www.virtualcities.com/ons/tn/x/tnx3601h.htm
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The corn dog was invented in 1942 at the Texas State Fair by Carl and Neil Fletcher. But yes, there's a debate! Pronto Pup vendors claim to have introduced it in 1941 at the Minnesota
The corn dog was invented by Neil Fletcher in 1942 for the Texas State
The corn dog was popularized in 1942 at the Texas State Fair when it was introduced by Neil Fletcher, although the Pronto Pup vendors at the Minnesota State Fair claim to have invented
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