Who Invented the Couch?


In, 1895, Jay Wellingdon Couch invented the first couch. He first named his invention 'The Longer than a Chair'. Jay invented the couch for a place he could sleep but also a place he could just sit, too.
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There is no concrete answer as to who invented the first couch. It was most likely cavemen who used dried leaves and twigs to sit on for comfort! I'll have to sit on my couch and ponder this!
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Right after the television was invented. ;
It's impossible to know who invented them. reclining couches were used in ancient
Originally it was an elitist piece of furniture and it was not until industrialization that the upholstered couch became an indispensable item of furniture in middle and lower class
Sorry, I don't yet have an answer to that question - though you may want to try me on mobile where I can do far more. Adding a fact will enable us to answer this question, along with
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