Who Invented the Elevator?


The first modern device truly resembling what we now call an elevator and designed to carry passengers was built by Elisha Graves Otis in 1853. Elevator-like systems were however first used thousands of years ago.
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Initial Exposure Otis first showcased his elevator design at the New York Crystal Palace exposition. It was considered one of the great spectacles of the event. Safety Design Otis's
Braden Fillmore just kidding it was Elisha Otis.
In 1853, American inventor Elisha Otis demonstrated a freight elevator equipped with a
Elisha Otis invented the elevator in the year of 1853. He patented the steam elevator in 1861!
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When Was the Elevator Invented?
The first elevator was designed in the third century B.C., and variations on this hand-powered innovation were invented and reinvented for centuries. The first modern passenger elevator and the first industrial-use elevator were both invented in the 19th... More »
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