Who invented the first farm tractor?


The man who invented the first farm tractor was named Benjamin Leroy Holt. Holt was an inventor who created a machine for agriculture that could roll along farming land without sinking into it. In 1911, Holt patented his idea and opened his business, named Holt Manufacturing Company. After he created the farm tractor, Holt and his company created many more machines that would become instrumental for farming. When World War I broke out, Holt?s tractors were used to move supplies and other heavy equipment for the war effort.
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Charter Gasoline Engine company is credited for first using a gasoline tractor that they built in 1887. However there was a steam powered machine used in logging before the gasoline
Charter Gasoline Engine Company of Sterling, Illinois. Charter's
Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in 1774. "Tractor" is used in the military sense, i.e. something for pulling heavy wagons, guns etc and not in the more modern "Old McDonald's
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Although the earliest steam-powered farm machines- tractors- appeared around 1850, no one person is credited with their discovery. However, the first gasoline powered tractor was built in 1892 by John Froelich in Iowa.
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