Who Invented the First Sundial?


It is not really known when the first sundial was invented, as numerous ancient civilizations used the sun and a pole to tell time. The oldest known sundial is found in Egypt, where the first sundials as we know them are thought to have originated. Sun-dials were still used to set the time on mechanical clocks up until the 19th century.
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It's not known exactly when the sundial was invented, or what people invented it.
Your Mom and me did it so we made you and asians who then went on to make the sundial.
300 BC. The earliest description of a sundial comes from Berossus, a Babylonian priest and author. His sundial is a cubical block into which a half-sphere is cut. A small bead is
In Holland, a man named Hans Lippershey first developed the idea of using a lens to greatly magnify objects. This occurred in the year 1608. In Italy, a man named Galileo Galilei
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The sundial was invented by Anaximander, a Greek philosopher and astronomer born in Turkey. The sundial was used to measure time by position of the sun. All sundials are aligned with the earths axis to tell the correct time.
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