Who Invented the Violin?


A violin is a four-stringed musical instrument, and the highest-pitched member of the stringed-instrument family. Celebrated violinmaker Andrea Amati made the very first violin way back in the year 1555. The violin was the forerunner of the violetta which had only three strings.
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from how i feel and what i know andrea amati was the first to invent the violin..!
The name of the man who invented the violin was Andrea Amati. He lived in northern
A violin-type instrument was first seen in Europe following the Crusades. The rabab underwent changes and came to be called the rebec. This instrument was made of wood, had three
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The renowned Italian violinmaker Andrea Amati is the person who constructed the very first violin in the year 1555. His work started off when he was requested by King Charles IX of France at that time to make something new and exciting for his kingdom to enjoy musically.
Andrea Amati is a renowned violin maker who constructed the very first violin back in 1555. Also before that, there was a violin-like instrument called the Violetta, which only had three strings instead of the normal four strings that are found in violins today.
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