Who Invented the Ice Cube?


Ice cubes are tiny, unevenly cube-shaped pieces of ice, usually used to cool beverages. The first rubber ice cube dish was made-up by Lloyd Groff Copeman. Ice cubes are often favoured over crushed ice since they melt more slowly and hence can keep items cold for a longer period.
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glaciers are the first ice cubes, so think about that
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Rather than being invented, dry ice was discovered as it is made of the solid, or frozen form of carbon dioxide. The Dry Ice Corporation of America named it and trademarked its name
I don't know who invented them, but I have the recipe if you want it. ;o)
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Credit for the invention of the ice cube often goes to John Gorrie, who built the first ice-making refrigerator. Soon, many different sizes and types of ice cubes trays were available.
John Gorrie an American physician built a refrigerator in 1844 with the purpose of making the air cooler. The refrigerator that he built caused ice to form on the ceiling then the physician would take the ice and hang it from the ceiling in a basin to cool the room. Although his aim was not to cool drinks he is still considered the creator of ice cubes.
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